Tips for increasing creativity

Aihe: Multimedia message
Päiväys: 28. lokakuuta 2006 16:30:33 GMT+03:00
Vastaanottaja: Merkintä: Tips for increasing creativity

1. Writing.
Have mobilephone with full keyboard. I have a Nokia 6822. You can make notes everywhere. Now Im waiting a bus in Olari Finland. Maybe little bit too cold between october and april here in Finland, but pen and notebook is much more unpractical. With my phone I can send my text straight to my email and just copy this to my blog. You can also have a mobileblog if you want to publish your text right et moment.
2. Drawning
have a Little Moleskin notebook. Make sketches when you must wait or something like that. Great alternative for unhealhty habits of smoking and having beer. Try find interesting thing form your circumstances right now.
3. Photographing
have a digital camera or goodquality mobilephone camera. Try to find interesting things and go on. Theres a lot space in your harddisk so you can have a lot of digital photos.
4. Composing music
again, have a mobile with sound recording feature. Hum melodies you have in your head. If you are able to write and read music, have a litlle Moleskin music notebook always with you. Develop your ears and you can write your ideas also without an instrument, or transcribing music you hear.
No time for self-critisism now. These all are tools for trapping ideas.



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